Company Special Experience

In recent years, SISC has developed unique experience in perimeter protection systems.This includes the designing and supervising of perimeter security concepts using state of the art systems and devices developed and manufactured in Israel, the U.S. and England.



SISC personnel have acquired state of the art experience while serving as senior security consultants in one of the leading security-consulting firms in the world.


Description of perimeter projects:

Supervision of over 250 km of perimeter security system installations of many towns and settlements (led by IDF) in Israel.

Designing the perimeter security system of the Olympic Village Athens 2004. System included electronic fence detection system integrated with CCTV cameras system.

Towns' perimeter systems in Israel - Developing the security concept of towns, villages and settlements. Designing the proper integrated systems to meet the needs of those facilities in relations to their surroundings and threats. Conducting a major pilot test site to most applicable systems. Systems used were:
  • Electronic perimeter fence detection systems
  • Electrical Shocking fencing systems
  • Microwave and Infrared detection systems
  • Special perimeter systems using long-range detection methods such as
    • Thermal detection systems
    • Radar system
    • Video Motion Detection (VMD) systems
    • Acoustic detection systems
  • All perimeter systems were supported by CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) for verifications purposes. All system were integrated and managed by an integrated security management system.
Major distribution facilities in Brazil - Developing concept and designing the perimeter security systems.
Systems included:
  • Active Infrared detection systems
  • Microwave detection systems, etc.
  • Electronic perimeter fence detection systems
  • Electrical Shocking fencing system
  • Video Motion Detection systems (VMD)

Inchone International Airport in South Korea - designing perimeter system utilizing an electronic detection fence system combined with active infrared detection towers.

Tibilisi airport in Georgia - designing perimeter security system.

Cyprus Telecommunication Authority facilities throughout the Island - designing the perimeter security systems to those facilities.
Systems included:
  • Electronic perimeter fence detection systems
  • Video Motion detection systems (VMD)
  • Active Infrared Detection Systems, etc.
Airports and a university in Turkey - designing perimeter security system utilizing all sorts of perimeter systems.