Data Communication Network Systems

Experience Details

Indoor and outdoor network and data communication systems including underground infrastructures:


  • Providing solutions in relations to needs identified.
  • Preparation of technical design of communication and network systems.
  • Design of indoor and outdoor systems.
  • Preparation of communication tender documents.
    • Evaluation of tenderness proposals.

Supervision of systems implementation.

  • Project management of large technical projects in the areas of communications and network systems.
  • Acceptance test and documentation review.



Data Communication Network


  • Professional network design - reduces system installation cost.
  • Design of network system that meets present and future needs.
  • Designing networking solution with QOS (quality of service) in mind.
    • Flexible access, any to any connectivity.
    • Appropriate information security.
    • Reliability and survivability of the network.
  • Designing network operation and maintenance.